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Interior Design



The design of this project was centered around the idea of creating a dynamic layout to reflect the fun spirit of the brand, while utilizing the natural light from the existing large grid windows along the curved wall of the building. The kitchen was given the same shape as the unit, with a few meters offset to create the entrance path and dining area.  The dramatic mirrored tunnel entrance leads you to the main dining area, which is filled with elements of curvature and fisheye reflections that allow you to see the entire space.


Large convex mirrors mark  the beginning and end of the dining area, placed atop custom murals made in collaboration with Wallpaper Projects. Custom terrazzo surfaces are found throughout the entire space, highlighting the brand's signature blue color, along with embedded strips of polished stainless steel. Metallic accents are also present in the custom ribbed steel table legs, polished aluminum sconces, and blue-tinted spherical mirror pendants. Blue stained wood adds a touch of friendliness and is found in the hundreds of thin strips running across the entire shop, as well as the dining chairs.

Photography by Mohammad Taqi

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